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EQUVO keeps to zero delinquency

Welcome to EQUVO. Thank you for visiting our website.


Welcome to EQUVO

EQUVO, headquartered in Singapore was founded in 2009.

CEO's Message

EQUVO provides structured lease financing for the semiconductor, aviation, clean energy, real estate sectors. We use a mix of bank loans (sometimes syndicated loans for larger deals) and equity from investors (family offices, private equity, lease funds, insurance funds, pension funds, etc.).  

Since our founding in 2009 we have maintained a zero delinquency loss track record.  This is important to customers, investors and banks. It ensures a fair transaction whereby our clients can obtain competitively-priced funding from financiers and financiers can also be assured that their investments/loans will be safely repaid.

In the equipment business, we have sold over 2500 pieces of equipment for 6”/8”/300mm semiconductor fab, test, assembly, lab and LED/LCD/OLED equipment.  We have also carried out several entire fab equipment closed bid auctions. Our Japan team supports a mix of intra-Japan equipment sales businesses as well as re-marketing of Japanese pre-owned equipment to the rest of the world.

In 2019, EQUVO formed EQUVO CONSULTING PARTNERS (ECP), an alliance of semiconductor industry senior executives, pooling resources to provide joint consulting to our clients.  These seasoned executives come from many world-class companies, has a wealth of experience to share and a broad network to tap on.

As captured in the 3 key components of the EQUVO name, we remain focused in equity and equipment, but is also evolving to cater to the ever-changing and growing needs of our customers. We are also very proud to have maintained zero delinquency over 2.5 decades and over several billion US$ of financing and is trusted by over 40 banks who have been the source of our structured senior debt.

We thank those that have supported us and look forward to adding value to those we do not yet have the opportunity to.  Thank You.

Melvin Low, Founder, Chairman & CEO